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Iranian public Holidays

Iran recognizes 26 national holidays per year. The majority of national holidays are based on centuries-old Islamic religious culture as well as political milestones commemorating a long struggle to obtain political freedom and equality.

Iran celebrates the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad; Revolution Day; Oil Nationalization Day; Martyrdom of Fatima; Islamic Republic Day; Nature Day; Birthday of Imam Ali; Prophet’s Ascension; Imam Mahdi’s Birthday; Anniversary of Khomeini’s Death; Eid-e-Ghorban, known as the Feast of Sacrifice and several other religious observances.

It is estimated that more than 90 percent of Iranians practice the Islam faith. Most employers allow paid time off for religious holidays. In addition to national holidays, Labour Day is considered an official holiday for all workers, regardless of the type of employment.


Public Holidays 2016


11 Feb Thu   Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution
13 Mar Sun   Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatimah
19 Mar Sat   Oil Nationalisation Day
20 Mar Sun   Noruz (Iranian New Year)
21 Mar Mon   Noruz
22 Mar Tue   Noruz
23 Mar Wed   Noruz
31 Mar Thu   Islamic Republic Day
1 Apr Fri   Sizdehbedar (Nature Day)
21 Apr Thu   Imam Ali's Birthday
5 May Thu   The Prophet's Ascension
22 May Sun   Imam Mahdi's Birthday
3 Jun Fri  Demise of Imam Khomeini
4 Jun Sat   Khordad National Uprising (1963)
27 Jun Mon   Martyrdom of Imam Ali
6 Jul Wed   Eid Al-Fitr
7 Jul Thu   Eid Al-Fitr
30 Jul Sat   Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
12 Sep Mon   Eid Al-Adha
20 Sep Tue   Eid Al-Ghadir
11 Oct Tue   Tassoua
12 Oct Wed   Ashura
20 Nov Sun   Arbaeen
30 Nov Wed   Martyrdom of Imam Reza
10 Dec Sat   Birthday of Muhammad


Public Holidays 2017


10 Feb Fri   Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution
2 Mar Thu   Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemah
19 Mar Sun   Oil Nationalisation Day
21 Mar Tue   Noruz (Iranian New Year)
22 Mar Wed   Noruz
23 Mar Thu   Noruz
24 Mar Fri   Noruz
1 Apr Sat   Islamic Republic Day
2 Apr Sun   Sizdehbedar (Nature Day)
11 Apr Tue   Imam Ali's Birthday
25 Apr Tue   The Prophet's Acension
12 May Fri   Imam Mahdi's Birthday
4 Jun Sun   Demise of Imam Khomeini
5 Jun Mon   Khordad National Uprising (1963)
16 Jun Fri   Martyrdom of Imam Ali
26 Jun Mon   Eid Al-Fitr
27 Jun Tue   Eid Al-Fitr
20 Jul Thu   Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
1 Sep Fri   Eid Al-Adha
9 Sep Sat   Eid Al-Ghadir
30 Sep Sat   Tassoua
1 Oct Sun   Ashura
10 Nov Fri   Arbaeen
19 Nov Sun   Martyrdom of Imam Reza
6 Dec Wed   Birthday of Muhammad

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