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One of the main sections of Pars Neat Kish enterprise is transportation which holds a unique place due to its specific functions such as training, hazards, safety, maintenance and social, behavior methods. The management of Pars Neat Kish with deep consideration to these facts, has always attempt to train not only the drivers on acceptable social conduct, observing safety and regulations and how to apply emergency equipment, but also to monitor this training accurately and gain perfect satisfaction of its clients as one of the best pioneers in offering such services. Having realized the significant role of transportation, the management of Pars Neat Kish has assigned these major teams of specialists for this purpose.




They are: Training team, Maintenance team, Control and investigation team with respect to the importance of observing the driving rules and regulations and moral standards, and proper reaction and prevention upon possible accidents, and also how to use the emergency equipment, the training team is responsible for planning and regular training of the drivers.



The training sessions are held weekly, monthly and annually in accordance with the priorities. Concerning the maintenance, the assigned teams are responsible to handle them properly.

This team takes necessary measure to repair and keep the vehicles in proper order based on the reports by the investigation team. The task of supervising the issues of the drivers and the vehicles is of investigation team duty.



They report all issues and deficiencies to the management and authorities at different stages and based on standard procedures and instructions. These reports, apart from the present status and issue of the drivers and the vehicles, are considered the basis for awarding gifts and bonus and general encouraging the best drivers and / or for any disciplinary action or dismissal.




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